Part of the reasoning behind promoting EOFO-EOTO is to create awareness…helping others to understand the challenges of the poor in developing countries. EOFO-EOTO also promotes itself to raise funds to do what it does. We have a very small budget but have a big impact on the lives of youth and families. All of us (the kids and us) are learning from each other.
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Many times we feel like total illiterates regarding the reasons people do what they do. Just put yourself in another’s shoes for a moment… take away your electric power, gas stoves, internet connections, social networking, grocery stores full of stuff you don’t need, your car(s), your social safety net.. and all that “stuff” .. life is just peachy in the west and breeds and multiplies the disease of materialism. The U.S. Center for Disease Control doesn’t have a handle on that one does it? Consider just giving a small part of your capacity towards education of someone who doesn’t have that opportunity pure because of the system they are born in to. Cycles are being broken and we are not turning back.

Click here to donate to EOFO-EOTO today and help us begin to make a difference.


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