About Us

eofo-1EACH ONE FEED ONE – EACH ONE TEACH ONE INC.  (EOFO-EOTO) was incorporated as a non-profit corporation on 7/25/2008 in the state of Florida, USA.   You may verify this yourself by going to the web site of the Secretary of State of Florida at:  http://www.sunbiz.org/corinam.html

Enter the following:  EACH ONE FEED ONE – into the search box.

EOFO-EOTO’S corporate documents and filings are listed under document number:  N08000007006 (we should appear at the top)

EOFO-EOTO is current on all of its required filings with the IRS and state of Florida.

EOFO-EOTO is a lawful 501(C) (3) CHARITABLE, TAX EXEMPT ORGANIZATION AS DETERMNED BY THE U.S. Internal Revenue Service in a letter dated 22 October 2008.   This letter can be sent to you upon request.  EOFO-EOTO may legally raise funds in the United States.   It cannot and does not solicit or raise funds in the country of the Philippines.  EOFO-EOTO uses the funds lawfully donated in the USA in the Philippines to alleviate suffering, educate children and adults, and provide funding for micro-agricultural ventures in an impoverished rural village.  The officers of EOFO-EOTO travel to the Philippines to insure the proper disbursement of donor funds.   Written records containing chains of custody of donor funds are kept locally, in the Philippines, and at its corporate address in Florida, USA.

EOFO-EOTO is a tax exempt organization in the state of Florida, USA in accordance with an EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE DATED 12/10/2008.  It can be sent to you upon request.

Each One Feed One – Each One Teach One INC. is NOT A FOUNDATION.  It is a NON-PROFIT corporation.

Each One Feed One – Each One Teach One INC is governed by a BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  The names of the BOARD members are contained in the corporate documents referenced in this letter.

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