February 2008 the village Inarawan, in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines was reeling from repeated floods that had wiped out one rice harvest and subsequent efforts to replant.  Many families were soon to be without food, and their children had or would stop attending school for purely financial reasons.  After consultation with the local people it became clear that the events would soon overwhelm many.  It was clear that we alone could not address the issues.  However, we knew that each one could feed one and each one could teach one, with rather small amounts of money, and then address the issues on a larger scale. Our higher self reminds us that we should help alleviate poverty and educate those who are unable to educate themselves. EOFO-EOTO has started a weekend tutorIng and moral/character development class on weekends engaging the community in socially enriching activities.

If one gives a dollar to EOFO-EOTO that dollar value is magnified by 50 times.   One dollar buys approximately 1.5 kilos of rice.   People in countries with stronger currencies can help those in developing countries with relative ease.   It all rests on our conscience on whether we act or not.

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